Developing television scripts

Mystery! Action! Romance! This is all in a night’s work for the students of English 112. English 112: Intro to One-Hour Teleplay teaches students the fundamentals to write 1-hour teleplays for primetime television shows like “Lost,” “Supernatural,” and even “Ugly Betty.” Each student will learn the basics and write a “spec script” by the end of the semester.

Buysse named new chancellor

The chancellor search came to an end March 29, and started all over again. The Board of Trustees met to discuss its options and to come to a definite conclusion. Members of the staff and faculty were present to offer a few final words before the choice was made.

Lord of the ‘roids: one drug to rule them all

On a lighter side of the news, several World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers have been accused of using steroids. Those among the accused are Randy Orton, Adam Copeland (Edge), Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio Jr.), Shane Helms (Gregory “Hurricane” Helms), Kurt Angle and Eddie Guererro, who died in 2005.

Track team sets new records

Matt Jones of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars can make circus catches in traffic, run the 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds, and throw the ball 60 yards downfield, but I bet he can’t clear 13-6 in the pole vault. Matt Jones of the Riverside City College track team can.

Swim team dominates

The Riverside City College swim team dominated Palomar College in a meet March 30, held at California Baptist University. RCC took the first place position more than 15 times and only allowed Palomar to take two events. RCC took the first 13 events, before Palomar managed to take first place in the men’s 200-meter butterfly.

A nice, healthy dose of jazz

They played a big show to a small audience, but it did not matter. Cal State Sacramento’s C-SUS and the Sacramento State singers’ vocal jazz teams filled the Digital Library Auditorium with infectious energy on March 27.

“Grindhouse” preview

Audiences flocking to see “Grindhouse” on April 6 should expect a film combining several shocking elements of 1970’s slasher and exploitation flicks, including (but definitely not limited to) gratuitous shots of nudity, graphic decapitations, and yes, even a fat man chewing on a baby.

Say goodbye to personal privacy

These days, you have to get naked to save your life. Since the Sep. 11 terrorist attacks, airport security is looking for more efficient ways to search for weapons on passengers. Before, taking off shoes and belts would suffice, but now some passengers will have to go through an X-ray that shows them completely naked.

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