Month: March 2007

Twenty-four hours later

Sheer panic, disbelief, and so much boredom resulted from the temporary loss of Internet here at Riverside City College on March 2. The loss made some of us realize just how much we need the Internet. As college students, we practically live off of Internet use nowadays.

Music companies now targeting college students

As college students we don’t have much money on our hands. With the pens, notebooks, gas needed to get to school, and especially all the books we have to buy, most of us will look for any way to get something, anything, for free. Free is not a word the music industry likes to hear and the Recording Industry Association of America is making sure students get the message.

Liar liar Abe under fire

Imagine being dragged out of your home and put to work in a brothel. World War II sex slaves ranging from Philippines to South Korea are looking for retribution. The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, is denying these allegations. Historians estimate around 200,000 women from around the Southeast Asia.

Chancellor debate heats up

After months of searching, final deliberations began March 19 to determine the new Riverside Community College District chancellor. After a night of intense discussion by the Board of Trustees, the conclusion everyone was awaiting was to be announced March 20 at the open meeting of the Board.

Dress to impress

One of the biggest pitfalls many college students face when going in for an interview is choice of wardrobe. As much as some would love to admit that clothes and appearance have no influence on whether or not they get the job, the truth is that many times they have a huge impact.

The future of spring fashion

Flowers, space cadets, pin-up girls , and sports are not usually connotative of spring. However, for the spring 2007 collections designers were sending models running down the runway in ensembles crafted from the unlikeliest places. The spring collections did not evoke spring sentiments but carried the aesthetics from fall’s showings.

Riverside’s ‘Next Top Model’

The plaza was crowded, the smell of Mexican food from El Torito hung in the air; about 70 people gathered to get a chance to become the chosen one: The one who would be transformed into the Face of the Riverside Plaza. Only that contestants were nervous upon being told only three would make the top finalists and 12 would make the runner-ups.