Nov. 2, 2006 – RCC reaches a grim anniversary

October 30 marks a dark anniversary in the history of Riverside City College, an unsolved murder of a student near campus. The victim, Cheri Jo Bates, was found dead lying face down, fully clothed on Terracina Drive outside of RCC at 6:30 a.m. on Oct.

Nov. 4, 1966 – Police still lack clues in murder

After four days of intensive investigation, Riverside Police still had few clues in the slaying of 18-year-old RCC freshmen Cheri Jo Bates as the TIGER TIMES went to press yesterday. Miss Bates, a former cheerleader at Ramona High, was found dead on campus at 6:30 a.m.

Nov. 5, 1996 – On 30th anniversary, RCC murder still unsolved

“She was young and beautiful. But now she is battered and dead. She is not the first and she will not be the last.” It was a chilling confession to a brutal murder at Riverside Community College which remains unsolved 30 years later. The slaying of RCC student Cheri Jo Bates on Terracina Drive on Halloween eve 1966 “shocked the conscience of the community,” former Riverside police detective Bud Kelley said.

A bizzare type of love triangle

“Gray Matters” is a romantic comedy that sets out to turn the old “boy meets girl” formula on its head. While writer and director Sue Kramer should be lauded for her ambition, especially considering this is her debut, the picture can be generously called mediocre.

The man of many sounds sets his sights on America

Damon Albarn is partly responsible for Brit-pop’s sneaky attack onto American shores in the 90s. Albarn is also responsible for making very catchy pop songs that reflect the ordinary life. Songs about park life, about boys who look like girls who act like boys, and beetle bums.

‘Crackdown’ lays the smackdown

While “Crackdown” isn’t one of the most original gaming concepts in terms of its storyline and overall objective (fight gangs and blow stuff up), it certainly does tickle the part of my brain where attention defecit disorder is made. “Crackdown,” however, lacks any deep or comprehensive story, which really would have added some meat to this otherwise stellar game.

A little surprise in your PB&J

Imagine savoring a peanut butter sandwich only to be told that it contains rat feces. It is outrageous how people have become sick from eating Peter Pan and Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand peanut butter. How ironic that one of the brands is Great Value. Maybe it’s just me, but getting a bacterial disease is not something I value.

The tale of Byrd, Officer Byrd

A bird who can ride a bike, roller skate, drive a police vehicle, play basket ball and throw away trash is definitely an attention getter. Officer Byrd is a real life parrot who does all that and more. Around 30 years ago Michael Simonsen, an LAPD officer, was interested in how teaching kids about public safety could be made more interesting.

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