‘The Golden Compass’ leads the way

“The Golden Compass” is the first part of a fantasy film trilogy based on books written by Phillip Pullman. The story centers on the courageous 12-year-old Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) who lives in Oxford, England in a universe parallel to our own where people are shadowed by souls or “Daemons.

Tigers fall short in Championship game

The Riverside men’s basketball team fell to the Antelope Valley Marauders 61-59 in a hard fought championship match of the 38th annual Wells Fargo tournament hosted by Riverside City College. The game was close throughout, but with the score tied 59-59, Fullerton sank the game winner with 5..2 seconds remaining in the contest. The team was led by Anthony Scott with 18 points, including 4 three pointers. Scott’s three pointer tied the game at 59 with 30 seconds to play, but a missed jump shot by James Simmons at the end of regulation led to the Marauder’s victory.

‘Sweeny Todd’ gives audiences the close shave

“Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” had to be the best movie I almost didn’t get to see. You may be asking yourself: ‘wait, how did she see the movie? It’s not even out yet.’ Well if you must know, I’m awesome. The screening was presented by My Cinema Access and Evil Club Empire at the Mann Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood.

‘I Am Legend’ preview

The most inspiring part about “I Am Legend” is that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the lead actor. When the film was originally announced in 1994, the Governor of California had agreed to the job with director Ridley Scott behind the camera. Warner Brothers pulled the plug on this obvious train-wreck to revamp the script so that it didn’t cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

‘Rambo’ preview

The new “Rambo” movie is quickly approaching release, seemingly launched directly from a time portal connected to the 1980’s. Sylvester Stallone takes up the directing duty for this movie, and so far it looks like he’s doing a stellar job. The trailer captured the same feeling of awe I experienced as a 10 year old sneaking “Rambo II” out of my dads secret stash, complete with overly dramatic, machismo dialogue (“Live for nothing, or die for something”), and ridiculous amounts of gore.

‘I’m Not There’

“I’m Not There” is a story about the life, times, and music of Bob Dylan. Well… kind of. Todd Haynes, the writer and director, made this movie from legend, a little truth, and way too much time listening to Dylan songs. Six characters tell the story of Dylan’s life.

No peace in this ‘Country’

“No Country For Old Men” opens on the vast silent expanses of wilderness between the Texas and Mexico border. This serves as the setting of many of the novels of Cormac McCarthy, writer of the novel which the film is based. McCarthy populates these landscapes with hardened men who are no strangers to violence or solitude.

Progress continues

The A.G. Quadrangle is open…well almost. Classes resumed on Nov. 26 in the Quad after long delays and major upgrades. The long awaited re-opening has given a whole new life to students and faculty that have waited patiently. Interim President Linda Lacy, was especially pleased of the hard work by the Instructional Media Center and the facilities department who made the transition as smooth as possible by working on weekends and evenings to get the faculty moved into the Quad.

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