Day: November 30, 2006

Board hits the ground running

The Riverside Community College Board of Trustees is gearing up for the future with two new members to its table, Virginia Blumenthal and Janet Green. Incumbent Jose Medina returned after two previous terms and is looking forward to working with the new members, feeling that they can bring fresh ideas, and their past experiences will benefit the board. Medina intends to work on improving cordiality and civility among the Board members while working on new programs for the school such as improving the Nursing Department and the new Riverside School for the Arts.

Rangel’s mission for conscription:

Like being told that you have one month to live, getting the news that you have been drafted is a life altering shock that no one wants or expects. Upon hearing the word “draft” our first response was “It’s never going to happen.” Even so, New York congressman Charles Rangel is proposing that America reinstate the draft, and it’s not the first time either.

Take a class in New York

A standing ovation and a farewell song for the last day of a Broadway performance for a renowned actor, unforgettable workshops with professional actors, conquering fears, and feeling free and alive as the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. These are just a few of the unforgettable moments that RCC students can experience when they travel with the RCC Theater program on its annual trip during winter session to New York City.

Loving the mechanical, inorganic

The future of this almost great nation will rely on the youth. The educational system is the frontlines when it comes to instilling the hegemony of our rulers. The system we rely on to educate and baby-sit our children is inherently flawed. Eric Fromm’s idea of “necrophily,” or the love of what is mechanical and inorganic, is an intentional byproduct of a discriminatory educational system.

Volleyball 101

Male, 21 seeks tall, athletic, strong female with well formed…serves and set shots? No, our male is not a helpless pervert, rather a trapped soul suffering from volleymania, or a crazed obsession with volleyball. In an attempt to earn him a lady friend, I have compiled some interesting facts about the game along with the basic need-to-know rules to get you through a game.