Retro versus Metro

In today’s society many men are classified by what they wear or look like. There are many names to give people who either dress good or not. The most used term for a guy who cares about his appearance and always wants to look good is called a metrosexual. Metrosexuals, which is defined as a male of any sexual orientation who has a strong aesthetic sense of self. These males spend a lot of time and money to go out of their way to look good. A narcissist complex some would say but what do they care what people say, they know they look good. You can see many of these metrosexuals shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. They tend to flock to those places because of the quality of the clothing and the invisible sign that screams: metrosexuals welcome. Now the other type of guy out there would be considered a

Tigers rev up for new season

As the Riverside City College football team worked its way through its first week of practices for the season, one word could describe the scene of coaches giving orders and players dashing about Wheelock Field: energy. Energy filled the air as players ran through the last set of practices before the final cut is made on Aug. 28. Which players will make the cut? According to head coach Bill Brown, the rookies he has this season are some of the best the team has had in years. “We’ve got a good crop of returning running backs and a returning backup quarterback, John Zertuchi,” Brown said. “Offensively we’re better than we were last year.” What does offensively better mean? One of Brown’s visions for the team was to play at the level of other football programs. “So far we’ve matched

Microsoft’s vision of the future

Shhh . . . I had to tell a lie to get the software for this article. Don’t get me wrong, it was just a little one; I told Microsoft that I was a software developer so that I could get a copy of it’s latest operating system.

Parking structure nears completion

Balls will be bouncing atop the new four story parking structure come Nov. 7, which is the scheduled grand opening, according to Jim Parsons, associate vice chancellor of Public Affairs and Institutional Advancement at Riverside City College. Construction has come a long way since the approval of Measure C in 2004, which is responsible for all the recent upgrades to RCC. The bond allows the school to pay for renovations, upgrades and additions to the campus that the state will not fund. The measure provides $350 million that the school has chosen to use to renovate the Wheelock Stadium, the Nursing, Music, and Science buildings as well as to modernize the A.G. Paul Quadrangle.

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