Mix of metal, smooth vocals excites

Sometimes an album, as a piece of art, requires more than one listen to effectively hear the entire story being presented. Fortunately, Lacuna Coil’s fourth album “Karmacode” is not one of those albums, although it is a concept album. The concept, as suggested by the title is defined by the band as “spiritual DNA and the message behind it.

Mission: successful

Finally, a “Mission: Impossible” movie that does not require a government security clearance to understand. J.J. Abrams does the series justice and scores big in his feature film directorial debut. As executive producer of both “Lost” and “Alias,” Abrams has already made a splash in the world of television.

Vietnam War memorial wall moves into Riverside County

At the break of morning light on April 28, March Field Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley became the host for a unique structure, The Moving Wall. Many know the wall as the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington D.C. The Moving Wall is a half-size replica of the memorial.

The 10 year grind

The year that I first moved to Riverside was the year “Back to The Grind” opened, and lo and behold 10 years later we are both still here. I was one of its first customers. This is the place that introduced me to the Irish Creme Latte (the best drink ever invented).

Blood bank in low supply

Every three weeks since he was a year old Paul DiLorenza of Riverside has received a blood transfusion to keep him alive. DiLorenza suffers from a rare and often fatal blood disorder called Thalassemia which interferes with his bone marrow’s ability to create blood with properly functioning hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells.

Comedians perform for a cause

Laughter lifted more than spirits at the Puente Program’s “Noche de Comedia,” it may have helped to lift the futures of some RCC students from obscurity to security. Funds raised at the first annual Latino Comedy Night were used to fund a Northern California university trip for RCC Puente students.

RCC finishes second

There is no shame in obtaining a second seed, especially if you came in first. RCC men’s baseball team did just that when they beat out Santa Ana on May 5. The Tigers needed a win over the Dons to clinch the second seed for the Southern California Regional.

Wakey wakey

Staying up studying all night can be a real pain in the neck. Not that I do it because I’m perfect and perfect people get all of their beauty sleep. Now for all those less perfect, well who are not me, I feel sympathy that you stay up all night studying your tiny brains out and still go into class the next morning cramming your head full of info.

Segregation returns to the United States

Segregation is no longer American history. It is slowly becoming the present and the unfortunate future. Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill on April 13 to redraw the school district lines to make it so that it will go to three separate school districts instead of one.

Vote or die… (not literally)

Student elections are coming up soon… has anyone really noticed? Does anyone really care? It seems not. At a time when the Riverside City College President Daniel Castro wants everyone to take a cue from Disneyland, it’s kind of hard to care because most students are stuck in the land of apathy.

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