Month: April 2006

‘Lead’ the way to a good time

It takes more strength to follow than to lead. Antonio Banderas (“Assassins,” “The Legend of Zorro”) leads a group of inner-city delinquents to follow their hearts and dreams in the true life drama, “Take the Lead.” Pierre Dulaine, played by Banderas, is a ballroom dance instructor in New York City, teaching only the elite rising stars in the dance world.

Live like Jack for a day in ’24’

The world is going to end in 24 hours. Now, what are you going to do about it? Playing as Jack Bauer, you are going to do whatever is necessary in order to stop the threat against your country. Based on the hit FOX series “24,” 2K Games’ “24: The Game” is a real-time action game with just as much depth and innovation as the series itself. The actors from the series lend their voices to the game to give it a more authentic feel. Kiefer Sutherland, as Bauer, is just as intense and powerful as if he were acting out the role on television.

A special day

The athletes were getting ready and the stands were filling up as the Special Olympics event kicked off at RCC’s Wheelock Stadium April 8. “The environment is beautiful and the facility is perfect at RCC,” said Meet Director Ken Finch. “Plus, with the rubberized track, the times can be used at national events.

‘BackStreet’ doesn’t take a backseat

It’s known as the little place on Nelson Street without a sign. You won’t need a secret password to enter this hideaway, just some particular directions on how to find the chameleon-like establishment whose reputation was built on word-of-mouth. When you’re in the mood for a hearty sandwich just like mom used to make, and maybe even better, The BackStreet Restaurant is the place to go.

No emeritus for Rotella

Chancellor Salvatore Rotella has resigned from his position to become Chancellor Emeritus. His retirement was to take affect Oct. 16. The Riverside City College Board of trustees unanimously approved Rotella’s decision April 11. All five of members of the Board met in closed session for two hours.

This week on campus

Students walking by the Martin Luther King Learning and Resource Center better watch their step, literally. Designated blocks on the sidewalk have been squared away for aspiring artists and anybody wanting to express their visual side. Riverside City College Art Club is sponsoring Chalk Walk, an event with a cash prize of up to $75 for first place to help celebrate Earth Week.

RCC’s future outlined in address

The state of the college today is all about change and moving forward. Riverside City College President Daniel Castro gave a state of the college address April 20 in the Landis Performing Arts Center in front of a large group of students, staff, faculty and administrators… the RCC family if you will. He also took the time to answer questions from audience members regarding various issues. The two main points of the address were growth of the college and the upcoming college accreditation site visit in less than 15 months. Accreditation? What is that you might ask? Accreditation is an independent analysis of the educational programs at an institute to make sure that the education provided is of a certain quality. “They are looking at what kind of services we are providing for our students, what kind of governance do we have, how are we doing with our finances,” Castro said in his speech. “They want to know, are we a healthy institution?” Being accredited means that an institution has met certain criteria and standards and establishes quality.

California’s 200 year old debate: Pro-choice

Women have gained the right to vote and equality to men. So when a woman gets pregnant and decides that she’s not ready to have the baby and she wants an abortion, she is seen as a wretched evil person. Most people think it’s an easy choice to make. “It’s not, because people judge you. They think you’re a bad person,” Riverside City College student Eliza Navarro said.