Day: April 7, 2006

‘Fight Night’ is a knockout

It will leave you sweaty, breathless and begging for more. “Fight Night Round 3” for the XBOX 360 is more than just a great game; it is an experience unto itself. While other titles like “Perfect Dark: Zero” and “Ridge Racer 6” have already come out for the XBOX 360, they are little more than shiny revamps of their predecessor.

Salvation in the form of concrete

A four story, 1,100 capacity parking structure is rising from the ground on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Terracina Avenue. The once depression in the ground is molding itself with concrete and steel into a much desired parking structure that is slated to greatly ease the perpetual parking struggle at Riverside City College. It is scheduled to be finished by November. The structure cost around $20 million, funded by Measure C. Measure C was voted in to give $350 million to help with the cost of upgrading many facilities on campus. Music, Nursing and Sciences, Stadium, Lovekin and Quadrangle were funded by Measure C. The parking structure will provide many amenities that help facilitate sports, security and parking. The top of the structure will hold seven full size competition tennis courts and will be used extensively for the many sports activities on campus. Access to the parking structure will be limited in that Magnolia will have an exit only, Terracina will allow an entrance only and two-way traffic on the ground floor in Lot Y. Two elevators will be available for use on both ends of the structure. Emergency phones will be placed throughout as well as metered parking.

Viewpoints wins state awards

Students from Riverside City College’s student newspaper Viewpoints participated in the annual Journalism Association of Community Colleges state conference March 30 to April 1, learning a lot, winning awards and having fun. The JACC state conference brought together more than 600 students and faculty from more than 45 community colleges across the state of California.

Who knows who you are?

You ask who I am. Well honestly, it is none of your business unless I tell you. Personal information is one of the most protected sanctities that a person holds onto and even then it can get stolen or misused. How do we know that our student information is actually protected? The people working in the counseling office, library, admissions and teachers all have access to your personal information.

There’s still time for improvement

The bat is stronger than the arm. So was the case for the RCC men’s baseball team, who pounded Fullerton College 15-10 in it’s latest Orange Empire Conference game. The win put the Tigers at an even .500 for the season, a 5-5 record, in conference play. The Tigers overall record for the season is 19-8, and looking to improve.

DVD review: ‘Paradise Now’

Look into the eyes-the eyes of a suicide bomber. They are disengaged, like the soul of the man behind them. The eyes and the soul have already transcended what is terrestrial and thrown themselves at the promise of paradise, “Paradise Now.” Warner Independent Films has offered a relevant and thought provoking piece of cinema concerning the ongoing, bloody Palestinian/Israeli conflict.