Month: April 2006

RCC for dummies…

Just being a student at RCC can be stressful. Not for me though, because I’m perfect. For all you less perfect people out there, I’ve noticed a lot of strange things that people do in order to have the worst semester of their lives. First off, please do not take 20 units if you know you cannot handle it.


“God hates homosexuals; you’re all going to burn in hell. REPENT!” This was the kind of nonsense that was being spouted April 20 by Paul Mitchell, who just so happened to pull this stunt last year. He drew quite the crowd this semester. All who heard him speak, went from peaceful to irritated to just plain angry.

Going for the gold at SkillsUSA

The 39th Annual SkillsUSA conference took place April 6-9 in Riverside for its eighth year. More than 800 students participated in 70 skill competitions and 20 leadership competitions for a chance to go to nationals in Kansas City in June. “The competition consisted of two phases: a leadership phase where students heard speeches, had interviews and quiz bowls and a skills phase where students participated in skill competitions,” said President/CEO Trent Munsey.

The state of the college address

“First of all I wanted to say good afternoon to the RCC family. I want you to look around and we have just about all sections of this campus assembled here. I think that’s really exciting because we are starting to move as a campus and as a family. Families usually come together in times of crisis; funerals. Or in times of celebration; birthdays. But today we are here to do a little of both. We are here to prevent or advert crisis and celebrate the greatness of our college. Yes, there is a crisis going on. Let me explain it to you. There are colleges throughout the state are not growing. At a time when just about every new job is created is attached and has some need for training or education. Currently we are 3 percent less than we had on this campus last year. Many of the colleges throughout the state are saying ‘well we did not grow.’ We have a unique situation here and that excuse will not work here. We have the fastest growing community in the state and the second fastest growing community in the nation. What’s happening to this community and what do we have to do different to reach out to that community. They need to be here.