Day: March 24, 2006

‘V for Vendetta’ has its moments

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Hugo Weaving (“The Matrix,” “The Lord of the Rings”) once again puts his acting prowess on display as the star of “V for Vendetta.” In the near future, the former United States is a quivering mass of turmoil and destruction. Everything from freedom of speech to homosexuality is outlawed in this new world and no one dares question the ruling party. No one even questions how they came to power. No one, except for V. Armed with only knives and a Guy Fawkes mask, V, played by Weaving, is the only hope there is to end the tyranny of this Orwellian future. Weaving is tremendous as the silver-tongued V, spouting his truth about government, freedom and a little Shakespeare for good measure. His martial arts skills certainly have not faded since the conclusion of the “Matrix” trilogy as V has several fights in which he must act with lightening-quick speed and agility. Natalie Portman (“Garden State,” “Closer”) co-stars as Evey Hammond, the girl who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Celebrating 90 years

The 90th year was celebrated on March 15 for Riverside City College.  Riverside City College is one of the longest standing community colleges in the state and dates itself back to 1916. During times of war, depression, political scandals and natural disasters, RCC has been able to serve over 2 million students in its 90 years of existence.