Men’s baseball undefeated

Rising above perfection seems nearly impossible. But the RCC men’s baseball team seems to almost be doing that. The team started the 2006 season with six wins and no losses. But to add to the flavor of a great start, its have done all this with a new and rebuilt team.

Oscar Preview: Munich

Steven Spielberg’s latest emotionally charged work is a haunting reminder of a terrible war that continues today. During the 1972 summer Olympic games, 11 Israeli hostages were taken and killed by a group of Palestinian terrorists calling themselves “Black September.

In Memoriam: Tom Johnson

Instructor Tom Johnson was known as being a compassionate, strong willed man who loved Riverside City College. “One of the reasons he moved to California is he heard community colleges were free and he thought that was the greatest thing,” said daughter Kjersti Berry who also works at the college.

Rejuvenation of the Quad

The distinct sound of jackhammers and large equipment moving through the Quadrangle resounds all throughout the upper campus. But upon a further glance a whole fourth of the building is completely missing. The section that was removed was erected in the 1970s because of earthquake damage to the original wing. “Structurally, the Quad is sound.” Said ASR Construction Project superintendent, Zack Beck. The structure that was built in its place in 1976 did not contain the auditorium but a smaller lecture hall which later on was converted into a theater. The theater itself wasn’t practical because it had a pole in the middle of the stage.

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