Photography museum offers more than photos

This museum will challenge a visitor’s perception of the visual arts world. The UC Riverside Contemporary Museum of Photography offers a wide variety of photographic works, not only for fans of photography, but also for visual medium as it evolves to its current modern form.

Waiting for the Xbox 360

An odd occurrence took place at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 21, outside the Wal-Mart off McKinley in Corona. People began lining up outside the doors, bringing with them chairs, food, blankets, and games. The debut of the Xbox 360 the following morning had drawn these people here.

Remembering ‘Great Soul’

He was a national symbol who led the struggle for India’s independence form British colonial rule. He had millions of everyday Indians on his side. He opposed any form of terrorism or violence. He only used the highest of moral standards. His philosophy of non-violence, which he called “Satyagraha”, has influenced many people nationally and internationally.

Football ends strong season

The Tigers fell short in the playoff game on Nov. 19 against a tough opponent, El Camino. The tigers faced defeat the first time they were matched against them in their regular season. The Tigers matched El Camino touchdown for touchdown in the first couple of possessions.

Women can play pro football too

Women? Football? Professionals? These are probably the first thoughts that come to mind when we hear about the National Women’s Football Association. Six years ago, the NWFA was formed by Catherine Masters who is known as a sports and entertainment entrepreneur.

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