Month: November 2005

‘Welcome to the suck’

I love this movie…Hoorah! Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx are spectacular in “Jarhead,” the real-life and thought-provoking wartime piece that should be 2005’s movie of the year. Gyllenhaal (“Donnie Darko,” “Day After Tomorrow”) stars as Anthony Swofford, a Marine sniper who is fresh out of boot camp and ready for war.

DVD Review

If you don’t pick up this DVD, Milton will set the building on fire. The brand new special edition “Office Space” DVD has finally hit the shelves and is packed with flair. Based on the animated short “Milton” by Mike Judge, this cult classic follows the frustrating life of computer programmer Peter Gibbons, played by Ron Livingston (“Little Black Book,” “The Cooler”).

Stay on track for graduation

If graduating from RCC is part of your master plan, you need to go through some steps like taking the right classes, getting good grades as well as applying for graduation. The first two steps are well known, but do we all know how or when to apply for graduation? “There is a common misconception among the RCC student population that an application for graduation should be submitted either in the semester the student plans to graduate or after all requirements are completed,” said Senior Academic Evaluations specialist Lily Golondzinier.

Individuality in style, different from the norm

Sometimes suppressing strong feelings can make things worse. Rather than holding in my opinions and hoping all will eventually blow over, I must confess one of my biggest peeves at this moment, so here it goes… Why oh why are guys wearing jeans tighter than spandex leggings? And why do these young men comb their hair over their eyes and spike the back up like a girl’s haircut? Please tell me what’s with the eyeliner and multiple bracelets? Who started this trend and please answer me why?  “Emo boys” are popping up everywhere and it’s just another trend that hopefully will die out by the end of this year…hopefully.

Around the world in a week

Mhmmmmm… Pepsi Rice. Riverside Community College celebrated International Education Week in the Bookstore promenade on Nov. 15. RCC put on a rice cook-off and showcased performances from other cultures. International Education Week gave students and faculty an opportunity to peruse through the various tables of several countries.

Viewpoints wins big awards

Viewpoints ended the month of October on a high note. Riverside Community College’s student newspaper rounded out the last days of October with winning the highest national award possible for college newspapers, 17 regional Journalism Association of Community Colleges’ awards and a participating in a series of journalism competitions and workshops.