Editorial: The key for people too busy to vote

On Oct. 20, there was a voter registration drive on campus. Assemblyman Jon Benoit and Bruce McPherson, California secretary of state, spoke to a small crowd of students and faculty from a podium in front of the Martin Luther King building. There was free pizza, soda and chips and a van was parked in the middle of Riverside street to register new voters.


Sadly, its future is in the title. “Doom” is yet another successful attempt at turning a popular video game franchise into a poor action movie. It is a mistake to try and jump from video games to movies because somewhere along the line, they all fall short.

The return of rock: Part three

As the 21st century approached, it became evident that heaviness didn’t determine the quality of rock music. New bands started to emerge with a “garage rock” sound. The first handful of these bands revived great sounding rock music with simplistic guitar chords, and a lack of complexity.

From Russia with Love

This one will leave you shaken, not stirred. “From Russia with Love,” the new James Bond game based on the original movie, is stylish and lethal. Starring Sir Sean Connery (“From Russia with Love,” “The Rock”) as James Bond, you must stop the deadly assassin Donald “Red” Grant before he kills you, steals your girl and carries out his sinister plans.

Academic research a valid topic

Though Riverside Community College is a two-year college and therefore does not hold academic or institutional research as the primary goal for the faculty of the college, there are opportunities in the college for professors to actively conduct research with grants from outside institutions.

A different look at men’s soccer

There are those who would look at the RCC men’s soccer team season record, and would not hesitate in calling it a failure. A season in which they have only been able to achieve victory once. But if you look closely at a team filled with all freshmen, except for one sophomore, Jesus Munoz, then you see a team which had more victories than the win and loss column may show.

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