Lowdown on the Bookstore

The contract between Riverside Community College District and Barnes & Noble states that new textbooks shall not exceed a profit margin to Barnes & Noble above 25 percent. An error with the profit margin of a custom packaged book on the national level with Barnes & Noble resulted in RCCD recieving in reimbursement $33,000.

Walking for a reason

They came from all over. Each had their own purpose in mind. They walked with an open heart. Some wore tee-shirts that represented where they were from, what they each represented, but others wore T-shirts with the pictures of the faces of their loved ones who had lost the never-ending battle to Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Freedom of the college student press could be at risk

RCC is currently considering a proposal that states: “The District’s commitment to the exercise of free speech and free expression is not intended to convert all of the facilities maintained and/or owned by the District into a public forum. As the owner of property, the District reserves the right to limit the use of its facilities for the exercise of free speech and free expression…”

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