Araujo eyes championships

Erin Araujo leads the volleyball team with a total 166 kills, and is averaging 3.19 kills and 3.04 digs per game. A freshman from Paloma Valley High School, Araujo is accustomed to high averages. In high school, she was given the honors of All-Valley for two years, All-League for four years, and was varsity captain for three years.

Parking structure construction on schedule

The parking structure planned for Riverside Community College’s Riverside Campus is slated to commence construction in January. According to Director of Facilities Robert Gurrola, it is estimated to be completed beginning in 2007. Gurrola said that the architectural design for the parking structure is under review by the State Architecture Department, which reviews the overall safety of the design, such as the access to the parking structure and its structural strength.

Students at RCC have options for on campus eating

Students on the Riverside Campus have options for on campus meals; breakfast lunch and dinner are available in the cafeteria. The cafeteria serves a wide range of meals throughout the day. The campus has a full breakfast and lunch grill where full plates are served hot.

A.G. Paul Quadrangle renovation delayed until end of year

Students walking through the A.G. Paul Quadrangle will notice eerie an feel of a ghost town, door fixtures torn out and boarded up and no students in sight. The reconstruction project on the Quad has been delayed a month. Cecilia Wong, executive dean of Technology & Learning Resources commented that administrative activity including accreditation for all three Riverside Community College campuses delayed the bidding process.

Chancellor to retire

Chancellor Salvatore Rotella announced his retirement from his position Oct. 18. His retirement will take effect October 16, 2006. “Well, it does not come as a surprise,” said Ray Maghroori, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. “We’re going to miss him.

Arnold has the goods for another go at governor.

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, on-camera charisma translates into political capital. We are truly a nation that values appearances. Dating back to the televised presidential debates in 1960 between pale, sick-looking Richard Nixon, and young, tanned John F.

Hoosier looks forward to the future

This season RCC’s football team consists of 26 sophomore players who are said to be a “good group.” Charlie Hoosier, RCC outside linebacker, is assured that the football team is on its way to qualify for the 2005 playoffs. Although the Tigers were able to defeat Los Angeles Southwest 10-3 in their opening game on Sept.

Injury, loss moves Tigers to sixth place

The sound of high pitched whistles and enthusiastic screams filled Huntley Gym on Oct. 12 as RCC’s volleyball team prepared to take on Cypress. Skye Williams opened up the game with a kill, but Riverside’s time in the sun did not last for long. The first game was full of short plays with not too much action, but the women were still fired up.

First look demos with Johnathan Kroncke

In a world where video games are but a reflection of each other, one looks to single itself out as the new standard. “Shadow of the Colossus” for the Playstation 2 is breathtaking in both its vast landscapes and its seemingly insurmountable tasks. A young hero loses the one thing he cherishes most in the world, his beloved.

‘Waiting’ brings the laughs

Welcome to Shenanigan’s where you can get hot food, friendly service and maybe a little spit in your burger. In his latest film “Waiting,” Ryan Reynolds brings his “Van Wilder” persona to the world of waiting tables in what may be the funniest movie of the year.

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