Month: September 2005

Tigers trashed!

Picture, for a minute, a group of men dressed in red and blue jumpsuits. They are all gathered as they hoot, holler and slap each other high fives. You may be tempted to guess that these men are drawn together for some kind of patriotic event, maybe even for the celebration of the Fourth of July inevitably due to the colors that they are all wearing.

Experience comes from losses

2-1 was not a loss, but more of a maturing process for the Riverside Community College men’s soccer team in its recent match up versus San Bernardino Valley College. Plays were not defined on either side of the field. But coach Francisco Melgarejo sees this as a learning experience, for a team with about 90 percent of the players being freshmen.

The return of rock: part 1

“Nostalgia” is a word that can be negatively connoted, but under certain circumstances it can be quite beneficial to something such as a movement in music. What is the signature sound for this generation? We don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s lost in the static of gangster rap and death metal.

Only one of them can be ‘The MAN’

Eugene Levy is the man. Period. Levy (“American Pie”, “Best in Show”) joins veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction”, “Coach Carter”) in his latest comedic venture, “The Man.” Andy Fidler, Levy, is your average middle-American man. He has a nice house, a nice wife, three nice kids and a prestigious job in the exciting field of dental supply sales.