City of Heroes

In a city where evil lurks behind every corner, you can be a hero. This is the premise for the massively multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG, known as “City of Heroes”. Role playing games have never been my style; I’m more of a real time strategy game player.

Women remain undefeated with a 10-game winning streak

With 10 straight wins this season, the women’s water polo team is doing exactly what they need to do to get to state. The team finished last year with an overall standing of 28-5. Overall, they won 24 games in a row before falling to Golden West and then had their hopes crushed at state championships later by the same team.

Lovekin Field spurs comments

New students to Riverside Community College have been introduced to a new center for learning, not the Martin Luther King building, but the Lovekin Field classroom complex. For the next two years, Lovekin field is the replacement series of classrooms for the A.

Sign here for savings

“You will save money through us, look at all these options, just sign this three-year contract and you’re good to go.”  How many times have you heard these statements on campus while passing the tents and booths selling gym subscriptions near the Admissions Office? With solicitors at nearly every store front in the area, it might seem unnecessary to be hounded at a place of learning.

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