Fall has arrived once again, and along with this new academic year are many changes to the campus of Riverside Community College. We are in the middle of an overhaul project for the A.G. Paul Quadrangle with new parking nightmares to contend with. An influx of new faculty has just been hired to accommodate the growing number of students expected this year at RCC.

It’s in the game

EA Sports has brought gamers Madden Football for 16 years now and this year’s edition has a lot to prove. After landing an exclusive license deal with the NFL, Madden is the only NFL football title that will be available for the next 10 years. Without any competition how does this game fare?

A walk with President Castro

For a man with a little more than one week on the job, Daniel Castro didn’t appear to be out of his comfort zone. Nodding at students and faculty alike on a casual walk throughout his new campus, Castro seemed to be making the switch from downtown LA’s urban backdrops to Riverside’s sprawling great outdoors with relative ease.

MLK center open for business

When you walk up the stairs to the third floor from the second, a large 10 year old painting hangs over all who enter. It is a painting of Martin Luther King Jr. and of the scenes from his life and most prominently his “dream,” a dream that the staff who worked on this project carried over to today.

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