The television season comes to a close

The 2004-2005 primetime television season introduced a group of stranded plane crash survivors and a few desperate women to couch potatoes everywhere. Two of the biggest hits of the year were newcomers “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” on the ABC network.

The future of today’s gaming: E3 Los Angeles

Once a year videogame companies, publishers and developers gather for an event to show the future of a $1 billion industry. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 was once again held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 18-20. In the events 10th year, the main attractions that drew crowds were Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 and new games from every large publisher in every type of game genere, from role-playing games to military and first person shooters.

Hot summer concert music live

The hot sun and live music just seem to make the summer much better. Summer concerts and tours are on the way and will bring the biggest and hottest acts in music together. Arenas are replaced with outdoor venues like stadiums and amphitheaters. New material is released and the artists are out to promote.

Get ‘Mezmerize’d by the System

For all of the “drearies” and “normals,” System of a Down may be too much to handle, but for die-hard fans its music is euphony. The Los Angeles based Armenian American metal band made its debut in 1998 with its self-titled album System of a Down. Rock fans were introduced to a sound that was raw and innovative.

New club started on campus

RCC student Gessinia Amcot wants to change the world. That’s right, but first she wants go to medical school. Amcot saw that Riverside Community College has been lacking a pre-med club and like any ambitious college student, she took it upon herself to start one.

This instructor a step above the rest

Rita Chenoweth is one of the many Riverside Community College instructors that know part of teaching is letting go. This is her role during the annual production of Celebrate Dance, the dance concert where the college’s students are the choreographers and instructors just take a seat on the sidelines.

Unique desire amidst big haired dreams

Every weekday, students of the Riverside Community College Cosmetology program work to perfect their cutting, clipping and manicuring skills. With over 240 female students perfecting their new trade, only nine students are male. One of the nine is Raul Canizales.

Super RCC Stars – Track & Field

Who ever said that with the season having ended all athletes got a full and complete vacation? Kim Avila demonstrates the contrary; the season is officially and completely over, but work still needs to get done. This young 19- year-old forms a part of the Riverside Community College track and field team.

Building a promising season

Even though the season doesn’t officially start until September, Riverside Community College women’s volleyball is already busy building a strong team for the 2005 season. “I have high expectations for the team,” said coach Suzie Hauck.

Sky-high expectations

With football season right around the corner the Tigers have to prepare for their quest: conference champions. Bill Brown has been the assistant coach for 15 years and the head coach for three years at Riverside Community College.

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