Blaga Pauley’s last wish

Blaga Pauley, Riverside Community College Assistant Professor of math, died of breast cancer on May 2 at the age of 44 years old. According to Kenneth Cramm and Doug Brown, she wanted all of her friends and colleagues to know that she died of breast cancer.

Presidential hiring procedures under fire

The hiring of a new president for the Riverside Campus of Riverside Community College is causing quite a stir among students, faculty, staff, administrators and the community. At the presidential hiring forum on May 16, Mike Gasca, the newly elected student vice president of the Riverside Campus, said that the search committee lacked student representation.

This professor a step above the rest

Rita Chenoweth is one of the many Riverside Community College instructors that know part of teaching is letting go. This is her role during the annual production of Celebrate Dance, the dance concert where the college’s students are the choreographers and instructors just take a seat on the sidelines.

Discrimination policy under revision

Riverside Community College is one step closer to adopting a new discrimination policy. At the Board of Trustees meeting on May 17, the policy passed its second reading with amendments. The Feb. 28 report released by the Office for Civil Rights prompted the Academic Senate to propose that the final review of discrimination complaints fall to a three to five person panel.

Identity theft hits close to home

Sen. Diane Feinstein said at a press conference in Riverside on April 2 that the Inland Empire has the second highest per capita rate of identity theft in the nation. Here at Riverside Community College students and faculty are starting to feel the sting of identity theft as a student Nicole Ledbetter was victim to this rising phenomena.

Discrimination pervades RCC

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation may be occurring from the ground level up to the echelons of administration at Riverside Community College. From students to faculty to administrators complaints are raging at RCC that harassment and retribution are part of the culture of the college.

Writing center gives students options

The Writing and Reading Center at Riverside Community College offers a lot of benefits to students. For students enrolled in English class, there are many services available. “The WRC offers some great services, including tutoring, computer and printing services, and teacher aid,” Writing Center receptionist Jennifer Rydzik said.

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