Ready to move

Construction at the Riverside Campus rumbles on, as the beginning phases of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle renovations are just right around the corner. A strategic planning meeting was held April 28 to focus on getting the faculty prepared for the imminent move of 40 classrooms and 73 offices from the Quad, primarily into the portables located on Lovekin Field.

Profits buried in deep fund

More than half a million dollars of the money that students spend in the colleges’ bookstores goes to Riverside Community Colleges general fund, instead of directly benefiting students. RCC administrators are playing by the rules set in Education 81676 when the budget for the academic year is created.

It’s time for a revolution

Welcome all into 1984. When some people think of revolution, images of rioting, looting and other maleficent occurrences come to mind. When I hear the word “revolution,” I think about Public Enemy, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, the Berlin wall, Pink Floyd, George Orwell, protesters in the street, young people involved with politics and so much more.

Popular drug’s effects not fully known to students

Ecstasy, also known as the club drug, has become increasingly popular. Yet, when many students were asked about the dangers of the drug very few were able to relay any information on what they knew. Most students referred to it as the “sex drug.” It was interesting to see that almost everyone knows what the drug is used for but yet when asked if students knew the important facts such as the harmful effects of the drugs there weren’t many answers.

Software options limited by Microsoft

When was the last time you tried to access a word processing document in Microsoft Windows only to find that the system you are on won’t open it? Perhaps it was a paper you typed and brought to school on a disk, or maybe it was some file one of your instructors told you to download.

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