Model U.N. team brings award home

The award winning Riverside Community College’s Model United Nations team has another award to hang on its wall. This time it’s a distinguished delegation which they received at the Model United Nations National Conference that is held in New York. The Distinguished Delegation award is the second highest honors awarded.

This doctor makes ‘House’ calls

Television dramas seem to be getting better or worse. One of the better ones to hit the tube is a hospital drama on Fox titled “House.” From the mind of Bryan Singer, the man that brought us “The Usual Suspects” and “X-Men,” comes a new take on mystery, where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients.

‘Everybody was kung fu fighting’

Hong Kong cinema Renaissance man Steven Chow – a writer, director, actor and martial artist best known in the states for his uniquely entertaining “Shaolin Soccer” – is back with a subtitled version of his Hong Kong hit “Gong Fu,” now known here as “Kung Fu Hustle.

Shrills and thrills from ‘Amityville’

Even though I had seen the original Amityville Horror and knew what to expect, the remake scared me almost more than the first. In a lot of the newer horror movies, the goal is just to scare you; good acting is not required. All the director needs are people to say the lines.

The competition gets fierce on ‘Model’

This cycle of America’s Next Top Model has been one big roller coaster of drama. Who would have thought that Wednesdays would be a day to look forward to? In episode seven it was down to the top nine contestants and at the end of the show the judges made not one, but two cuts.

‘Takhte siah’ teaches a lesson

Five years ago, in the pre-9/11 Middle East, an independent film about education, teaching and repression was released. “Blackboards” (also known as Takhtè siah) is an example of how education isn’t as pivotal in Arab nations as it may be in America. The story takes place in the mountains on the border of Iran and Iraq.

‘Interpreter’ translates to this year’s thriller

Murderous politicians, terrorist bombings, lying witnesses… and a love story, just to spice things up. With all of this, Hollywood’s newest box-office hit “The Interpreter” still manages to leave audiences flat where it really counts, the end. Nicole Kidman stars as Silvia Broome, a seemingly down-to-earth interpreter with a violent past working at the United Nations in New York.

Longshout is coming!

Break out your dancing shoes, because The Debonaires are at it again with their 3rd full-length album, set to debut on June 3. The Debonaires are a traditional ska band from the Riverside area that have been around since 1995. During the Debs’ decade of existence, they have developed a soulful sound that grooves to the infectious beat of ska, yet still includes various influences such as jazz, funk and soul.

Tennis coming to an end

The RCC men’s and women’s tennis teams are reaching the end of their season. This doesn’t mean that they are slowing down, though. The two teams will end the season with a couple of very important tournaments. Both teams competed in the Orange Empire Conference Tournament April 10-16.

RCC qualifies for regionals

After months of practice and events, it all comes down to a few final events. Each event, week after week, and each performance will determine whether each member of the Riverside Community College track team will go on to the next meet or not. All the hard work and time spent practicing will be reflected in these last few performances.

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