Day: March 30, 2005

‘Scrubs’ prescription for laughs

The half-hour television comedy format (or “sitcom”) is almost dead; in fact, it is on life support. Last year alone, TV audiences lost its good “Friends;” “Frasier” left the building; and the women of “Sex and the City” strolled off into the sunset. And in just a matter of months, viewers will be left unloved as “Everybody Loves Raymond” signs off from the air.

‘Cool’ mocks music, movies

If nothing else, seeing The Rock play a gay bodyguard is more than enough to get people interested in seeing this movie. “Be Cool” is the latest installment in the saga of Chili Palmer, played by John Travolta. The one time gangster turned movie producer has become jaded by the industry and seeks to make a name for himself in the music business.