Day: March 26, 2005

Letter to the Editor

During this past school year, one of my old high school friends went through Tiger Talk to drop me out of all my classes. We registered at Riverside Community College together so our student identification numbers are exactly the same except the last number which differs only by one.

Music molds many moods

I think many people would agree that all types of music do indeed influence the mood that we are in. I also believe that once our mood or feelings have been altered in a positive or negative sense that our behavior will modify itself according to this new mood we are in.

Red phones to police, not Batman

Riverside Community College Police Department is maintaining and improving its emergency services throughout the district. Emergency phones are throughout the campus. Two are in Lot Y by the athletic facilities. One is on a light pole, but the other was removed due to construction by the Child Development Center.

Publishers get Schooled

Textbook costs continue to rise to outrageous levels, prompting research to aid students in their pursuit of an affordable education. The California Public Interest Research Group released research that focused on publishing companies and the high rate of mark-up between wholesale price and the retail price charged to students.