Month: December 2004

Dance concert draws on the emotions, faculty

This fall the dance faculty is putting on a dance concert entitled Kinetic Conversations (conversations with the body), which will be shown starting Dec.3 through Dec.5. I was moved by the piece, a ballet, entitled “Pour Maman…” choreographed by Sophia Olga Carreras, an RCC dance instructor, with solo dance by Amy Schiffner, a RCC dance student and Arroyo High School dance teacher.

Fox Theater to get face lift

The Fox Theatre, although now crumbling with disrepair, was once a shining example of Hollywood’s glamorous heyday that truly shimmered when the first public showing of “Gone with the Wind” was projected on its single screen in 1939. With luck, perhaps the spell that was cast over audiences decades ago will be renewed; the magic of the movies strong enough to reverse years of decay.

‘National’ is hidden treasure

From producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Jon Turteltaub comes one of the best wild goose chases to use past clues in the present day since the Indiana Jones trilogy. Based primarily on the constant following of clues, the movie revolves around both sides vying for the Declaration of Independence. Riddles leading from one location to another are revealed with smooth, though sometimes rushed and hazy transitions that create a thin yet enjoyable plot. The riddles are deciphered so fast it seems that all that is needed to solve them is to go “hmm” while scratching your chin.

Soaking up the competition

Paramount Films and Nickelodeon Films collaborated to make a film that Spongebob fans have been waiting patiently for. The film is directed by Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg, and Sherm Cohen. Plankton steals the crown of King Neptune (voiced by Alec Baldwin,) ruler of the sea, so he can get the secret ingredients to the Krabby Patty (something he has tried to do relentlessly in the series). The Krabby Patty is the popular well-loved burger of the sea, made at Krusty Krabs.

‘Christmas Story’ still brings laughter to holidays

In 1983 Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch had to make room for “A Christmas Story” and its down-to-earth look at the most wonderful time of the year. This movie doesn’t have a real message or moral, it is just a feel good time in the midst of the most stressful time of the year, which is why people repeatedly return to this charmer of a film. After watching “A Christmas Story” the holidays seem a little brighter and a little more enjoyable. Not even the umpteenth rendition of “12 Days of Christmas” can put a damper on things.

This ‘Idiot’ is genius

* Viewpoints Online exclusive * It has been four years since we last heard from the trio known as Green Day. It can be easily said that the wait was worth it (unlike another trio whose return was not worth the wait). Billy Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt return with American Idiot (Reprise), a politically charged album that doesn’t give the message of fighting the system or telling the listener to go out and help the band fix the problems of the world.