Day: November 19, 2004

RCC neglects student mothers

Today, women are both homemaker and breadwinner. Women are expected to do it all, have it all and be it all. We are expected to be Superwoman and nothing less. But we are not provided with the resources necessary to be all that we are “supposed” to be. Every college should establish a day-care center at minimal or no cost to students. Not only would this allow mothers to continue their education, but it would keep them from sinking deep into debt.

Financial aid or financial grief

One reason why people don’t attend college is money. It costs a substantial amount of money to pursue higher education, which is why financial aid is such a blessing to so many. The process of applying for financial aid is confusing. Having sat down with a representative from the Financial Aid Office, I can honestly say that I understand microbiology better than the financial aid process. Maybe the process would be a much more pleasant experience if students were greeted with a smile and not a rolling of the eyes.

Nations critical of the election

Many foreign nations, all across the globe are distressed by the outcome of the American elections. Is this true? Did Americans fail the rest of the world by electing Bush to a second term? Only time will tell. But it’s easy in the chaos of an election to forget that as the citizens of the only superpower, we control the fate of the world.

That’s ‘Incredible’

Pixar has gone and blown away audiences and competition… again. The story was simple and straightforward with a few small twists that were completely within the realm of possibility and always entertaining. At no time did the plot ever seem too thick and cluttered with things that looked cool but didn’t further the storyline, like most movies nowadays.

A little dose of cartoon reality

Had enough reality lately? Well, how about seeing what happens when people stop being real and start getting animated? That’s the motto of TV’s first animated reality series “Drawn Together,” on Comedy Central. The show is mainly a spoof of MTV’s “Real World,” with a liberal dash of every other reality show thrown in whenever appropriate to enhance the comedy.

Manntis breaks through into the mainstream

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines metal as “any of various opaque, fusible, ductile, and typically lustrous substances that are good conductors of electricity and heat.” If you can apply that definition metaphorically to hardcore rock fans’ denotation of metal then it all will make sense. Local hardcore metal band Manntis embodies the essence of the metaphorical definition.