Koi fish swim on campus

If you happen to be walking around the science building on campus, take a close look behind the green house, and you may be able to catch a glimpse of the little orange fish. It is surprising that a pond of fish was hidden from the everyday student’s view and that very few have found the pond, or know why it is there.

Dancing at the crossroads

Riverside Community College’s newest sponsored performing group performed “Dancing on Strings” for its debut for the college’s Annual World Dance and Music concert. Luckily the dancers didn’t lose their footing. In the end Intersect Dance Theatre managed to create something breathtaking for both the dance enthusiast and the everyday curious college student.

Got parking … tickets?

We, as students, pay $40 for a parking pass during the semester. Granted, it does say on the pass that just because you have a parking pass does not guarantee that there’s a spot, somewhere, for you. But why do we have to pay so much for something we may or may not be able to use? This may seem a cheap statement but $40 is too much money to pay for a “maybe.”

Students face off on the issues

THE ISSUE: Until 1989, most states and the federal government had laws against burning the flag. But in two successive rulings the Supreme Court determined that it is speech completely protected by the First Amendment. Since then, Congress has passed an amendment to the Constitution five times. However, the Senate has twice rejected the Flag Protection Amendment by only four votes. The Senate will again vote on this issue this year. If passed, by the House, Senate, and 75 percent of the states, re-elected President George W. Bush will make it law. THE VIEWPOINT: The Bill of Rights outlines our most basic American rights. It does not, however, give license to any kind of behavior.

Leaving with a ‘Grudge’

“The Grudge” was touted as being one of the scariest movies of all time, even more so than “The Ring.” Well, if “The Ring” is now the new standard by which we judge all horror movies, then moviegoers everywhere are in a lot of trouble.

Even now ‘The Goonies’ still never say die

“The Goonies” will always take people back to a simpler time when the only big worry in life were the three escaped convicts following a group of pre-teens skipping merrily down a bobby-trapped trail to discover a infamous pirate captain’s long lost treasure. This tale about a gaggle of friends who never know when to say die reminds everyone of the adventure and loyalty that existed during childhood. They live in Astoria, Oregon which is a suburbia town like every other suburbia town.

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