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ASRCC provides holiday meals to students

By Neyra Rodriguez The Associated Students of Riverside City College hosted a free turkey dinner giveaway to RCC students who had paid their student services fees for the semester. The turkey dinner intended to provide a meal for students in need on Thanksgiving day. Students who received the aid expressed gratitude for the help. “These

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Black Friday shopping provides deals, thrills

I’m obsessed with Black Friday shopping.

My obsession started back in 2011 after my relationship ended and moved in with my mom and sister. I wasn’t really used to getting out of the house much, so when my sister Desi asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her on Thanksgiving Day, I said sure.

Black Friday battles tradition

Josa Lamont | Staff Editor In 1939 crowds raged and protests erupted to the absolute immoral affront to the principles of Thanksgiving when Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to hold Thanksgiving one week early. Or maybe that’s just how we’d like to believe it went. In reality, people were angered by the general inconvenience of the

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News Briefs: 11/14/13

Correction: vision plan In the Oct. 31 briefs the vision plan is said to have no changes to contract, but it has come to light by the Benefit Committee that changes were made to the contract and kept undisclosed to the benefit committee. The committee head is angered by the secrecy and the change and is working to restore

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