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Administration chooses to move forward on vote for installation of permanent blockades

By Samantha Bartholomew The aftermath of a medical emergency has been riddled with  its fair share of progress and ongoing confusion. After initially denying that Student Health Services had turned Viewpoints editor-in-chief Dominique Redfearn away after RCC student Nick Peralta collapsed in the Viewpoints newsroom, Renee Martin Thornton, director of Student Health Services, and FeRita

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Editorial: Safety resources lack access

With the recent shooting at North Park Elementary School, we can’t help but wonder if we’re prepared enough for a similar event here at Riverside City College.

Although we have the Rave Guardian app available for students, only about 1,600 students have it downloaded, according to Michael Simmons the Director of Risk Management, Safety and Police.

District gets new chief

As the spring semester begins Riverside Community College District interim Police Chief  Colleen Walker is settling into her position and proposing changes that she believes will help the department go from “good to better.”

One of the most recent changes to the organization of the RCCD police is its integration into the Department of Risk Management.

RCCD faces lawsuit due to ADA noncompliance

Posted: May 27, 2015 | Written by: Steven Smith A lawsuit looms over the head of the Riverside Community College District as it tries to deal with the 23,165 points of non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act identified in its transition plan in 2010. The transition plan document is required under the American’s with

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RCC creates taskforce in response to data breach incident

Josa Lamont | Features Editor Sept. 18 2014 Michael Simmons is feeling cautiously optimistic in the aftermath of a Riverside Community College District data incident in May. After pursuing every expert recommended action, the head of the risk management department feels confident they’ve taken every precaution to keep students safe. An immediate remediation process began

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