OPINION: Onslaught of conservative legislation targets LGBTQ+

By Julio Rodriguez “Our ignorance is weaponized to pass laws that hurt people,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY.  The history of this country is tainted with racist and bigoted laws that have been in place since its inception. That unfortunate tradition continues in the modern-day United States.  Arkansas and South Dakota have taken it upon

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RCC Alumna Domaine Javier discusses her struggles and successes throughout her life

By Leo Cabral Domaine Javier is a writer, actress, nurse and transgender icon, but most importantly, she is a regular human being, “just with extra sparkles.” Javier, 28, was crowned Homecoming queen at Riverside City College in 2010, earned a total of seven degrees and became a registered nurse. She has starred on MTV’s “True

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Editorial: Gender reveal parties are harmful

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board By now, the bulk of the Western world has experienced gender reveal parties — the booming trend of pink and blue social media posts, confetti and even explosions.  The trend is not a long standing tradition followed by past generations. It began with Jenna Karvundis in 2008, when, after multiple

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