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Editorial: The District mandates are a good start

The Riverside Community College District campuses will finally be open to the students, staff and faculty after three semesters of distance education. However, this return does not come without its restrictions. The RCCD Board of Trustees have passed a resolution that mandates vaccinations and face-coverings in order to step foot on the campuses. The Viewpoints

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EDITORIAL: ASRCC and its culture of secrecy

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board When a person pursues a position of power, their constituents demand transparency, whether they be citizens of a nation or students at a higher learning institution. The Associated Students of Riverside City College are the student government. They are supposed to work for their constituents like all government officials in

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EDITORIAL: Making specialist position full-time in best interest of RCC and journalism program

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board Viewpoints is wrapping up the 2020-2021 academic year with a total of 27 regional, state and national awards. By the end of the month, we will have published 14 issues this year that provided pivotal COVID-19 coverage for the Riverside Community College District and its surrounding communities. But many may

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Editorial: Pandemic reveals selfish underbelly of society

By the Viewpoints Editorial Board “If I get corona, I get corona,” entitled spring-breaker Brady Sluder told CBS News in Miami. “At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.” Meanwhile, COVID-19 is killing hundreds of people every day in Italy. Known Riverside County infections went from around 10

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Editorial: California should stop discriminating against former inmates

California is in dire need of more firefighters while facing a trend of longer wildfire seasons amid a growing climate crisis. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employs the use of inmates from Conservation Fire Camps to fight fires alongside professional firefighters in collaboration with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and

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Editorial: SEED program provides additional financial funds

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs and the city are testing an initiative to provide guaranteed income to residents. Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, or SEED, will make monthly $500 payments to 130 people in Stockton throughout the course of 18 months.

Editorial: Graduation delayed by corrupted math courses

“Math and English is for Everyone.” Signs around campus show that there is no longer a need for remedial math and English courses because studies show that passing college level courses is attainable. However, is it fair to hold back, say, an English major from graduating because they can’t pass a higher level math course?

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Editorial: Wealth dictates admission: Rich Parents abuse the higher education system

News of the college admissions scandal, in which wealthy parents allegedly cheated and paid to get their children into elite schools, triggered a mix of emotions across the country. University officials struggle with what the next step is. For community college students, it’s yet another punch in the gut. Community college students are often ridiculed

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Editorial: Measles outbreak due to falsified information spreads

  Vaccinations have become a topic of intense, unnecessary debate that has taken away from the main point: vaccinations save lives. A popular, and dangerous, myth about vaccinations is that they cause autism. This idea originated in 1998 when a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield claimed he found a link between autism and the MMR

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