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Opinion: Restaurant, hospitality workers see little incentive to return to work

By Ashley Hayner As employers gear up for the day inside eating is a thing again, they have a huge problem.  The old gang just isn’t interested. With unemployment bringing home $1,200 or more every two weeks consistently, it is no wonder so many people are not returning to work.  And I don’t blame them.

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Editorial: Americans need another stimulus package

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board Welcome to the Great Depression 2.0. Our country’s unemployment has not reached such dismal levels since the 1930s. While the U.S. Department of Labor reported a 0.9% decrease in unemployment in July, amounting to 16.3 million unemployed people, the department admits an overall increase of 10.6 million unemployed people since

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Sudden layoffs during pandemic show lack of appreciation for workers

By Silda Martinez While American leaders struggle with deciding when and how to reopen the economy, more than 5.2 million workers had been added to the unemployed list as of April 16. That is truly devastating. The way many industries and businesses have been handling this crisis has actually been the most infuriating part. Industries

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