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Panel of experts talk transferring, scholarships

Among the buzzing of conversations of students in the Riverside City College cafeteria, college representatives answered questions about transferring to four-year universities, scholarships and counseling.

ASRCC election results: Orozco and Rudolph win

Presidential vote and Senate vote results Nicholle Salvatierra | Staff Writer May, 15, 2014 ASRCC elections experienced a record-breaking voter turnout May 6-7. This election rallied 642 total votes, a large improvement from the last year’s student trustee election, which had only 15 participants. What made this election different was the addition of an online

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Elect student representatives

Nicholle Salvatierra | Staff Writer Students at Riverside City College are campaigning for student body elections taking place May 6 – 7. Those interested in running for office have introduced themselves to students by gaining 50 signatures. The students that have received the minimum amount of signatures and fit the academic requirements are able to

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