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Remembering Riverside City College instructor Ron Pardee

  By: Samantha Bartholomew Riverside City College professor of business administration and management Ron Pardee died suddenly Sept. 21. “As a deeply respected and beloved member of the RCC family, Ron left an indelible legacy for all of us at the college and throughout the community,” RCC President Gregory Anderson said. “Ron loved RCC and

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Opinion: America exploits minority population

By Samantha Bartholomew Four hundred years after the start of slavery in America, the so-called most powerful nation has still not addressed one of our country’s greatest atrocities. The fact that our country was built on the backs of brutally exploited slaves. It is a topic that The New York Times Magazine strived to take

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Editorial: Trump’s hate speech empowers domestic terrorism

“I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” This is a statement taken from the manifesto of Patrick Crusius minutes before he killed 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso. It is a statement that mirrors President Donald Trump’s ongoing blatantly racist rhetoric. Trump has referred

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Board to decide on safety barriers

By Samantha Bartholomew The installation of permanent road barriers has been suspended after a meeting with Riverside City College president Gregory Anderson on April 10. The speculation of permanent barriers began when a student collapsed Oct. 9 and it appeared the emergency services would not have been able to make it to the student in

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Former Riverside City College football player in critical condition after drive-by shooting

Former Riverside City College football player Izaac Colunga has been identified as one of the two men who were shot at a house party in Riverside on March 3.

Riverside City College professor arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex from minor

By Samantha Bartholomew A Riverside City College adjunct kinesiology professor was arrested Dec. 4 on suspicion of soliciting a minor for sex. According to a press release from the Riverside Police Department, detectives learned of a male suspect who had offered to pay a person who was presenting themselves as a girl under the age

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Administration chooses to move forward on vote for installation of permanent blockades

By Samantha Bartholomew The aftermath of a medical emergency has been riddled with  its fair share of progress and ongoing confusion. After initially denying that Student Health Services had turned Viewpoints editor-in-chief Dominique Redfearn away after RCC student Nick Peralta collapsed in the Viewpoints newsroom, Renee Martin Thornton, director of Student Health Services, and FeRita

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A Guide to the Propositions on the Nov. 6 Ballot in California

By Samantha Bartholomew California voters will be voting on 11 propositions Nov. 6, ranging from rent control and the transportation tax and even getting rid of daylight saving. Proposition 1 Affordable Housing And Home-Purchase Assistance For Veterans: If passed, Proposition 1 would authorize the sale of $4 billion in bonds to finance existing housing programs,

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Faculty Association challenges trustee candidates

By Samantha Bartholomew With a little over two months before the Board of Trustees elections, the Riverside Community College District Faculty Association formally challenged the candidate designations of Brian Hawley and Sam Davis. “During (Davis’s) short tenure, which can easily be characterized as a complete disaster,” Rhonda Taube, RCCDFA president, said in an email. “Mr.

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