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OPINION: Vaccination hesitancy in Black community justified

By Paul Quick Some are becoming increasingly aware that African Americans are wary of the recently approved vaccines that promise to restore some sense of normalcy to their and all Americans’ lives. It is especially concerning considering how COVID-19 has ravaged our communities. Blacks often lack access to quality health care and are more likely

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American Cholo pushes for Brown unity and political participation

By Erik Galicia Hollywood is perceived across the globe as the land of stars and glamour.  But just across the hills that hold the world famous Hollywood sign lie the barrios of North Hollywood, which in the 1980s and ’90s were plagued by gang violence. That’s where Gil Tejada, 41, got his start. He spent

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OPINION: There is a problem with televised news

While various news outlets choose what gets covered and what we are informed with, they can leave many Americans uninformed on topics they ought to know regardless if it’s prone to being popular or not.