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Back to the Future: 1976

Posted: March 30, 2015 | Written by Michael Isberto In “Back to the Future Part II” released in 1989, the main characters, Marty Mcfly and Emmett “Doc” Brown took their DeLorean time machine and traveled to the future, which was depicted as the year 2015. The world still hasn’t seen hover boards, hover cars, self

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Internment camps can’t stifle art

Camps of World War II inspire a documentary on Japanese culture and the art today MICHAEL ISBERTO | STAFF WRITER Nov. 13, 2014 The Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties in Riverside held its monthly film screening Nov. 6 for the city’s art walk, but this particular screening was a little different from ones in

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RCC Spotlight: Augie’s takes coffee to a personal level

Michael Isberto | Staff Writer Oct. 30, 2014 There’s just something special about small independent coffee shops. They have this “je ne sais quoi,” something people can feel in the air. Some of those shops can even feel like home.  Augie’s Coffee House is one of those places. “More than just creating drinks for customers,”

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Zombies strike downtown Riverside

Images courtesy of Robbie Silver

Images by Michael Isberto Michael Isberto | Staff Writer October 30, 2014 The streets downtown were filled with zombies, ghosts and skeletons, but it wasn’t a scene from a scary movie set: it was the fourth annual Riverside Zombie Crawl. People who happened to be walking around the Main Street Civic Plaza in Riverside for the

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Wend is more than just a starving artist

Michael Isberto | Staff Writer Oct. 16, 2014 Riverside native Geoff Gouveia is an artist to watch out for, but you won’t find any art pieces signed with that name. As an artist he goes by Wend, which means to proceed or to go in English. Inspired by a graffiti art show in 2010, Gouveia

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Conkerite calls on the community to make Back to the Grind ADA accessible

Photos and Article by Michael Isberto | Staff Writer Sept. 18, 2014 When small independent coffee shops flourish, they can be the gems of a city. Back to the Grind has thrived as one of the premiere coffee shops Riverside for the past 18 years in the heart of the city’s historic downtown area. Operating out

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