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DeafNation breaks barriers across the world

By Jonathan Ramirez Similar to Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, Joel Barish is a renowned world traveler, but what sets him apart is his mission is to understand international deaf culture. Joel Barish shares the experiences of deaf people from remote corners of the world and exploring their culture through food and diverse lifestyles. No

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CNN analyst advises minorities at Riverside City College

A Riverside City College Diversity Committee sponsored event brought students and parents together in the Digital Auditorium on April 20 to hear CNN in Spanish legal analyst Elena Sahagun speak.

RCC hosts 56th Distinguished Faculty Lecture

Riverside City College held its 56th Distinguished Faculty Lecture “Are You Sure?” with guest speaker Jan Muto May 10 in the Digital Library and Learning Resource center’s Auditorium.

“Staying Empowered After a Traumatic Event”


In light of the tragedies that befell American citizens such as the Paris and San Bernardino attacks, the Student Health and Psychological Services held a lecture March 17 with guest speaker Kevin Fleming, the dean of instruction for Norco College, as a means to help students with  struggles they may be going through or dealing with.