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Editorial: Journalism is essential to democracy

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board “The First Amendment is first for a reason,” legendary comedian Dave Chappelle has said. And there is a reason freedom of the press is one of the foremost rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. Journalism is one of the first lines of defense against wrongdoing in government, society and private

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Restaurant Review: Taiwanese bakery highlights popular culture of Asian cuisine

By Justin Yoth A Forbes listed Taiwanese businessman had a vision after visiting a five-star hotel in 2004. Cheng-Hsueh Wu had the idea that people should be able to enjoy such delights at low costs. He birthed the first 85°C Bakery Cafe in Irvine, California in 2008.  Now a chain, 85°C is based in Taipei,

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CNN analyst advises minorities at Riverside City College

A Riverside City College Diversity Committee sponsored event brought students and parents together in the Digital Auditorium on April 20 to hear CNN in Spanish legal analyst Elena Sahagun speak.

Electoral College system needs revision

We believe the Electoral College system is outdated and needs to be amended. The sizing of our current Electoral College needs to be re-evaluated to fit the current populations of all the states.

Fueling the flames

After officer Darren Wilson was not indicted in the shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown, Ferguson Missouri erupted Published: Dec. 1, 2014 Police have a different set of rules than the rest of society, and that is a problem. People opt for the burly alpha type personality to fill police roles, hoping that the strength

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