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Community protests as Pomona Fairplex prepares to hold migrant children

By Arsal Asif The streets of Pomona shook with the rattling of cages meant to symbolize the structures holding migrant children at the border. An initial crowd of about 80 grew to over 100 as Pomona residents exited their homes to join the march down Main Street on April 24. “No more kids in cages,”

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WARD 2 CANDIDATE: Jose Antonio Huerta, educator, East Side native

By Sigifredo Macias Jose Antonio Huerta was raised in the East Side. The Ward 2 native also attended Riverside City College. He believes this sets him apart from his opponents. Growing up in the area allowed him to see what things have changed in the city and what things have not. He witnessed the pressures

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RCC and Riverside remember 9/11

Posted: September 10, 2015 | Written by: Jackie Mora Riverside is observing its first 9/11 Day of Service September 11 to honor the memory of the heroes and victims of what President Obama called the “worst terrorist attack” in U.S. history, by uniting the community. The Riverside tribute begins with an early breakfast at City

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