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Views: Capitol Hill cannot stop cannabis

By Noah Lopez It’s been 50 years since the infamous Controlled Substances Act was signed into law by former president Richard Nixon, chaining the flower to the same DEA classification used for heroin. According to Galup, 66% of Americans now support nationwide legalization of cannabis for adult-use, and if the trend of the past decade

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Monitoring marijuana use

Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor Pros Should marijuana be legalized in here in California? My answer is yes. I consider the use of the drug to be a personal decision and not a moral dilemma. I do, however, consider the issue to be both a financial and socially progressive opportunity. The passing of the

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Pot shops drop like dehydrated daisies

By Conner Munson | Inscape Editor In a hazy twist of fate, hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries have been shut down by cities across the state. On May 6, the California Supreme Court unanimously upheld the right for local governments to zone medical marijuana establishments out of business. This decision has left countless cannabis club

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