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EDITORIAL: ASRCC and its culture of secrecy

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board When a person pursues a position of power, their constituents demand transparency, whether they be citizens of a nation or students at a higher learning institution. The Associated Students of Riverside City College are the student government. They are supposed to work for their constituents like all government officials in

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Editorial: Divisiveness in politics creates tension in the home

The divisiveness in politics is growing worse and making its way into our own homes. Many people today look up to politicians and are easily inspired by them. People are starting to take action and treat others with the same harshness exhibited by said politicians. Recently Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., was “threatening” supreme court justices

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Opinion: On Civil Disobedience

By Diego Lomeli Our nation was built upon the founding principle that every citizen carries the right to voice their own opinions to the public in a non-violent manner. Civil Disobedience is the essence of free speech. It is the seed of progress, and the defender of freedom. We owe ourselves civil and organized actions

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