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Sports Column: Women’s sports deserve more viewership, wage gap unfair

By Daniela Ramirez The gender wage gap in sports is a taboo subject to most Americans. Sexism and lack of representation is, in my opinion, the reason for this wage gap.  The problem isn’t the ability of these amazing women, it’s the lack of mass media representation. Less people watching means less money, and that’s

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After 32 years, blue finally comes through

By Lesly Gonzalez Southern California turned blue Oct. 27 as the Los Angeles Dodgers became the World Series champions for the first time since 1988.  This year’s MLB season was full of mixed emotions. Not only were sports put on hold for some time due to COVID-19, but the Los Angeles Dodgers made it to

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Sports Column: Popular muralist recreates memorable moment in Dodgers history

By Bianca Macias A popular muralist brought a taunting expression between old World Series foes 一 the championship-deserving Los Angeles Dodgers and the cheating Houston Astros 一 to life on a wall behind a Silver Lake barber shop. Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly gained media attention for making a pouty face at Astros shortstop Carlos Correa

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