‘Goodies’ vibes in Riverside

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By Angie Escalante

The warm atmosphere and energetic greetings from vendors were just some of the things I noticed while attending a Goodies night market. An array of different vendor setups, that when looked at individually, each had their own little world.

Goodies is a night market focused on vintage clothes, jewelry and art run by Katrina “Kat” Gomez.

Gomez started Goodies during the COVID-19 lockdown to give small businesses a voice. She quit her job, started making jewelry and vended for her first time at a desert festival. After that experience, she ended up coming up with the idea for Goodies.

“I couldn’t live everyday doing a nine-to-five,” Gomez said. “It motivated me to start my own business.”

It was tough in the beginning. Not only did Gomez have to start from scratch by reaching out to vendors herself but she had a lot of doubters. They told her to drop it or that it wouldn’t all work out.

“I didn’t listen to those people,” Gomez said. “I’m doing what I do now and I love it.”

She was surprised at how fast Goodies grew in one year. Gomez now has vendor applications and many people showing up.

She tries her best to make sure everything is great not only for vendors but for the visitors as well. Goodies also does charities, where all the proceeds are donated.

“To all small business owners, if you have a dream or an idea — do it,” Gomez said when asked if she had any final words. “Go for it. No one can do it but yourself.”

Gomez and I parted ways and I made my way through the vendor tents and came across a set-up filled with various crochet items. Tiffany, also known as Mamabunnee, welcomed me with a smile.

The tent was shared with Robert who offered upcycled jeans and jackets which he painted himself. Tiffany, who has 16 years of crocheting experience, offers hand-made bucket hats, tops, mushroom pillows, bags and necklaces. This was their second time working with Goodies and so far, they loved it.

“Everyone has good energy and it’s very organized,” Tiffany said.

“It’s an awesome vibe and the people are good.” Robert added.

I thanked both of them and maneuvered my way through people, stopping upon a cute set-up emitting beautiful scents.

There I met Karina who brought organic handmade candles to the table and David, her partner who offered moral support.

Karina began in 2020 during the pandemic.

“I was really anxious, I played with fragrances and started this (candle making)” Karina said.

Her candles come in different colors, aromas and designs. Everything melts, including the decorations that she adds separately to the candles.

This was Karina and David’s first time vending and they were really excited.

“I love the environment, everyone has their own vibe going on and it’s peaceful,” Karina said.

After the lovely encounter, I took a few more turns and stopped at a table showcasing anime decals and keychains. Anthony C. came over and sparked a conversation. Anthony began working with Goodies mid-last year and has been at every pop-up since.

He shares that he’s a graphic designer who opened his own printing company where he prints out characters he and his sister draw themselves using Procreate. Anthony also does custom prints if a customer has something to bring in.

“I like the vibe, everything is organized,” Anthony said when asked about his experience working with Goodies.  “People don’t interact at other events but people here are really down to earth and I like that.”

I then said my goodbyes and walked around a final time as I came to realize Goodies has a little bit of everything. 

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