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Local tattoo artist shares philosophy

By Diego Lomeli Valentino Cornell’s studio sits towards the back of the Life Arts Center in downtown Riverside, past the front doors and just after the staircase near the main entrance of the building. The first thing passersby see is his work desk topped with sketch pads, pens, pencils and a thin-framed desk lamp.  On

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Two battles, on survivor: Nykia McKenzie’s struggle for breast cancer treatment

By Jennipher Vasquez Nykia McKenzie initially experienced two of the nine most common signs of breast cancer in June 2019 and immediately visited a doctor. McKenzie was brushed off and given antibiotics for a cyst. Following ten days of antibiotics, she noticed no change in her symptoms and eventually returned to see a doctor in

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Rerun Shuffle 08: ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ 3×05 – “Scaredy Dick”

Across the void, Leo and Tim come a-warping with another episode of Rerun Shuffle, this time taking a look at the somewhat under-discussed NBC science fiction sitcom “3rd Rock From The Sun” starring John Lithgow and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They get into how gender is examined in this series as well as the phenomenon

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6×6 Theater 04: “Halloween Kills,” “The Last Duel,” and “Bright: Samurai Soul”

This week, Will and Tim talk about a Netflix anime, Ridley Scott’s latest period epic and the second part of David Gordon Green’s Michael Myers trilogy. Trigger/Content Warning: Blood, Gore, Violence, Sexual Assault RCC Viewpoints Social: Check out our website Follow us on social media Facebook: Riverside City College Viewpoints Twitter and Instagram: @rccviewpoints

Movie Review: ‘Night Teeth’

By Tim Nacey Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to be provided an access code to see this movie early, but the stream, unfortunately, cut out just before the ending. I missed about 5 minutes, which I hope will not have any bearing on my opinion on the rest of the film. I’ve never worked as

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RCC Tigers win homecoming game 47-21

By Jair Ramirez The Riverside City College Tigers bounced back with a 47-21 victory against the Palomar Comets after losing two straight games.  The Tigers’ offense improved significantly following the losing streak with over 500 total yards.  “I think we played hard coming off the bye,” said coach Tom Craft, who lost two consecutive games

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Steep enrollment decline concerns district

By Leo Cabral Fall 2021 enrollment across Riverside Community College District continues to decline across campuses despite the implementation of late-start classes. Maintaining enrollment across the district was discussed during the Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 19. Rates have decreased more than 27% below target since fall 2019 and continue to decline, according to

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Daniel Craig leaves behind a legacy in ‘No Time to Die’

By Mackenzie D. Johnson Daniel Craig says goodbye to his 15 years as Agent 007 in this epic, explosive and emotional farewell. Through Craig, Agent 007 essentially underwent a masculinity makeover because, by 2007, the macho, unfeeling, martini-sipping playboy he had been historically was dull and played out. Craig brought a vulnerability to a long-standing

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History of Viewpoints: A new era of student journalism arises on campus

By Daniel Hernandez Under the new “Tiger Times” banner came an era in which the biweekly paper as well as the other student publications at Riverside City College flourished once more. A college that once had a dying newspaper and yearbook the decade prior now had six different publications rich with information for the students

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