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By Jason Ho / Asst. Inscape Editor

By Jason Ho / Asst. Inscape Editor

Kings, that’s what they are, the Kings of Leon.

With their great musical drive and epic rock ballads, they come back this year with yet another great album, “Come Around Sundown.”

The three Followill brothers and their Followill cousin formed  the group Kings of Leon in 1999.  

After significant success in the U.K. and their previous album “Only by the Night”  topping the charts in the U.S., the group was due for an epic fifth album.

Their song, “Beach Side” was available for web streaming, as a trailer or teaser for their album.

“Beach Side,” like the title, is a beach side song, one to enjoy  while relaxing on the sand with a few friends and burning firewood.  

A very relaxing song indeed, listening to the consistent guitar riffs, and hearing the lead singer’s unique voice.

The Clash Music reporter Simon Harper said in part about Caleb Followill’s singing styles on this album, “Caleb Followill opens his heart throughout–he sounds yearning; his usual fervid bawls here turn into tender pines.”

“Everything I cherish is slowly dying or it’s gone,” Followill sings in “Pyro,” “I won’t ever make you cry,” he appeals in the throbbing doo-wop blues of “Mary.”  

Entertainment Weekly writer Leah Greenblatt writes about the “Tennessee-bred champions of whiskey, women” and she said, “The group now sounds like a more ponderous My Morning Jacket, coiffed and calibrated to reach the cheap seats. That does lend tracks like “The Immortals” and “Mary” their own sonorous appeal, but as Sundown drones on, it begs for less melodrama, and more levity.”

Entertainment Weekly grades this album a B-minus.

Their first single released from the album was “Radioactive.”

It’s obvious to say that the track was electrifying. It’s definitely a feel good song.

A lot of their songs are very positive and “feel-good” and have a pretty epic rock drive to a lot of their tracks.

The band had written and composed all of their songs on this album; they did not require any assistance from other lyricists and composers.

The song “Pyro,” like the title is fiery with a hint of folk music.

“Single book of matches, gonna burn whose standing in the way, burning down the mountain, better call on the fire brigade,” is one of the best lines from the song.

“The Immortal” has a really good drive, and a handful of awesomeness.

 One of the lines from the song was really outstanding, “Just put your foot in front’ the other

Crow like the rooster we are allowed to get us something free as a danger…”

Kings of Leon ultimately sells a great album with epic rock drives and a melodramatic sound to their songs.

There were mixed reviews of the album, but overall, the album gets a B-plus.

The record had a same sound to their previous albums, but the lyrics were really well-written and lead singer Caleb Followill’s vocals were perfect.

He sung with such heart and passion that it was too perfect to give the band a lower grade on this album.


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