Araujo eyes championships

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By Jessica Staub

By Jessica Staub

Erin Araujo leads the volleyball team with a total 166 kills, and is averaging 3.19 kills and 3.04 digs per game.

A freshman from Paloma Valley High School, Araujo is accustomed to high averages. In high school, she was given the honors of All-Valley for two years, All-League for four years, and was varsity captain for three years.

“Volleyball is my life,” Araujo said. “Before volleyball, I played soccer for 14 years. I started playing volleyball the summer of my freshman year, but only because my dad made me.”

She stands at 6 feet tall so volleyball is just the right game for her.”You have to be tall. Finally, a sport that requires you to be tall,” Araujo said.

She graduated in 2004, but got hurt at the end of her senior year and took a season off from playing. Listening to her father’s advice, she decided to attend RCC.

“Volleyball is a quick-thinking game. My job is to establish a block against the right side,” Araujo said.

Her favorite part about being on this team is her camaraderie with her teammates.

“The team gets along great off the court,” Araujo said. “I can’t wait to help this team make it to the championship.”

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