Campus Conversations: Fall 2021 semester for RCC students is closing in

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Interviews and photos by Tyrese Blue and John Michael Guerrero

Question: How are you preparing for the finals?

Corey Mitchell 

“Studying up for all the quizzes and making sure I go over anything I did not understand in a lesson.”

-Corey Mitchell 

Leandra Barkley

“By linking with classmates and going over work, doing study groups, (going) to the CTE room where I can get help with tutoring and using my daughter as motivation.”

-Leandra Barkley

Daxia Tilghman

“Use flash cards. Repetition helps me to understand the subject better and (using) sources outside of the (classroom). The best thing to (also) understand is when to stop since students can get wrapped up with hour-long study sessions thinking that will help them with the test.”

-Daxia Tilghman

Kyarlah Bailon

“The way I prepare for finals is (that) I take a lot of notes from the past assignments we’ve done (and) the past theory lectures we’ve done.”

-Kyarlah Bailon

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