Galaxy Theatres does it again

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After recent renovations, Galaxy Theatres sets the standard for the perfect movie experience

By Tyler Reese and Victor Duran


With a newly refurbished lobby, an extraordinary concession counter consisting of various amenities and fully functional bar, the Galaxy Mission Grove Luxury+ Theatres located in Riverside has once again risen above your average movie standards.

A one of a kind customer service care is comforting upon walking into the theater’s main lobby with brand-new touch screen box offices. They were added for easy to use navigation to buy your tickets and select your seating, making ticket buying as easy as walking through the door. Plus guests can enjoy a breathtaking view as they walk around the theater’s lobby and hallways with their newly augmented designs such as LED screens which display upcoming movies and movies already in theaters.

The theater’s commitment to memorable dining starts with its wide variety of craft beers and personally selected meals. In addition to the classic popcorn and soda combination, chicken and fries, edamame, pretzel sticks, sausages, and loaded nachos have been added to the menu. The extensive options and affordable prices set the menu apart from the usual grab and go selections from competing theaters while giving your wallet a break.

“It’s something I would eat myself, so what I try to do with anything we serve is, if I wouldn’t feel comfortable ordering that then I’m not OK with it,” said Galaxy Theatres general manager AJ Taylor.

The craft beers were hand selected by Taylor himself to satisfy all of those who wish to enjoy a cold one during their movie. The selection ranges from Blue Moon, Stone IPA, Modelo and Firestone Walker 805. Following are an array of nonalcoholic beverages, which include fresh brewed iced tea, Icee’s, and an assortment of soft drinks. To accommodate for those whose theater are further away from the concession counter, there have been miniature concession stands set up an down the halls for guests who do not wish to walk too far from their theater for a refill. These stands offer a selection of candy, soft drinks and simple foods.

The DFX (Design for X) theater has also been revamped from its original form. Short demos are played before each film, showing the true power of the 32 independent channels Dolby Atmos 360 degree sound system. In addition there will be LED lights installed into the 32 speakers, which are programmed to illuminate with a frequency sensor, showing where the channels are, and creating a visual and auditory demonstration that no moviegoer has ever seen before.

During the remodeling the walls of the DFX houses that separated the individual rows have been reduced by 2 feet. This allows guests to see the entire screen from any level of seating without being blocked by the separating wall. On the lower levels, platforms have been added to the seats below to raise them to standard measurements and carpet section letters have been installed as well to help ushers and visitors to better find their assigned seats in the dark. LED lighting was also added along with the carpet to help guide and make maximize use of the alphabetically assigned seats effectively.

Furthermore in addition to the recent remodeling Galaxy Theatres has big plans for the weekend that “Captain America: Civil War” comes out May 6, 7 and 8. “What we are doing for “Captain America” is that we’re giving away free popcorn all weekend long for anyone who buys a ticket for any movie,” Taylor said. “Also on that Saturday I have a BMX Stunt Show in collaboration with Monster and Coca Cola, so they’re going to build a big half pipe out in the parking lot and just give away free Monsters to people who come up.”

“I’m about doing extra stuff for my guests,” said Taylor.

After the recent remodeling and dedication to its customers, the Galaxy Mission Grove Luxury+ Theatres have monumentally changed the way you would traditionally watch a movie here in Riverside with its technological upgrades and customer appreciation, this theater is definitely one to come back to.

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